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XAML browser applications (XBAPs) combines features of both Web applications and rich-client applications. Like Web applications, XBAPs can be deployed to a Web server and started from Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Create an HTML page that contains a hyperlink to open the deployment manifest, which is the file that has the .xbap extension.

    <a href="WpfBrowserApplication1.xbap">Click this link to launch the application</a>

In Visual Studio, open the project properties.

On the Security tab, click Advanced.

The Advanced Security Settings dialog box appears.

Make sure that the Grant the application access to its site of origin check box is checked and then click OK.

On the Debug tab, select the Start browser with URL option and specify the URL for the HTML page that contains the XBAP.

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button and then select Internet Options.

The Internet Options dialog box appears.

Click the Advanced tab.

In the Settings list under Security, check the Allow active content to run in files on My Computer check box.

Click OK.
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