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System -> Preferences -> Sessions

on the tab startup , users can easily add a start up application.

for example I like to add avant windows navigator.
the address is on user/bin/avant-windows-navigator

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Here are the steps:

1. download "Mac4Lin" from + or +

2. Extract Mac4Lin

3. click on the Dock and "Delete this Panel" ( Dock is the navigation bar in Desktop footer )

4. Applications -> Add/Remove -> search for "Avant Windows Navigator" and install it

5. Applications -> Accessories -> Avant Windows Navigator

6. on Avant Dock Click on Awn-Manager -> Thema -> add and then give the download Mac4Lin thema from this address:

7. go to /Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0/Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0/

8. sudo sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.sh

9. [Optional] change Firefox thema to Mac thema
Here are the videos to help you

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when you connect your webcam to usb with lsusb you can see if it is connected or not.

There are two softwares for viewing webcam on Ubuntu.

1. Easycam2
2. camorama

usually webcam will be mapped to /dev/video0

installing webcam on ubuntu 9.1 with these steps:

sudo apt-get install gspca-source module-assistant
sudo module-assistant update
sudo m-a a-i gspca
modprobe gspca
sudo apt-get install xawtv

PS: when I run xawtv, I got error on /dev/video0

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in June 2009 yahoo has chenged some setting regarding to instant messaging and cause empathy not to work in last configuration.

if you can not login into yahoo messanger using Empathy  this would help you:

to fix the problem after creating an yahoo messenger account:

change scs.msg.yahoo.com to cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com

update: Gyachi is the other messenger for ubuntu with sound and video
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Freiburg university users need to have VPN connection to connect to local university network.

university usually suggest cisco-vpn but VPNC software is more easier to install.

to install vpnc i386 on ubuntu:

1. download and install vpnc i386 from
+ or +

2. Create a config file /etc/vpnc/default.conf :
you can easily copy sample.conf to default.conf

IPSec gateway ipsec-rz.vpn.uni-freiburg.de
IPSec ID campus
IPSec secret campus
Xauth username username
Xauth password pass

3. To start the client, enter: vpnc
4. To stop the client, enter: vpnc-disconnect
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These three websites have free softwares for recovering deleted data:
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Usually firefox has some extensions for debugging javascript.

to debug javascript in visual studio asp.net 2008 do the following steps:

Enable client-side script debugging in Internet Explorer
1.Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2.On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
3.On the Advanced tab, locate the Browsing section, and uncheck the Disable script debugging check box, and then click OK.
4.Close Internet Explorer.

In your JavasSript function add the keyword debugger .
like this


This causes VS.NET to switch to debug mode when it runs that line.

Run your ASP.Net application in debug mode.

PS: SLint.VS is Add-In for Visual Studio that provides errors in JavaScript during compiling enabling you to spend less time in browser catching bugs and typos.

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most of the time while surfing the web you need an email address for registration.

here is some websites that you can use as temporary email address.