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TO be able to see files checked out you need to install TFS power tools

after that you will be able to run command prompt for visual studio

tf status itemspec [/collection:TeamProjectCollectionUrl] [/login:username,[password]] ([/workspace:workspacename[;workspaceowner]]|[/shelveset:shelvesetname[;shelvesetowner]])[/format:(brief|detailed)]

More Info

tf status "$/Project/MyApp" /collection:http://tfs:8080/tfs /user:myuser /recursive /workspace:myworkspace

To view it in Visual studio GUI

Right click on the top most folder that you want to start in
Choose "Find In Source Control"
Choose "Status"
Check "Recursive"
Check "Status"
Enter userid in the "Display files checked out to:" box (i have to include my domain, i.e. domain\userid)
Click "Find"

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