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1. First make sure that the MTP is enabled on the Nexus 5: Settings > Storage > Menu > USB connection to the computer.

2. Plug your Nexus 5 into your computer via USB.

2. On Windows, open the device manager (on Windows 8, press "Ctrl+Q" then just use the search box at right hand side to search for it). You may need the administrator password to open it.

3. Once in the Device Manager, look for the name of your plugged in device. It may be given the name phone, Acer ADB Interface, or something else specific to your device. (It might be tricky to find for users unfamiliar with the device manager, so if you can't find it try unplugging the device and seeing which item disappears. You can just plug it in again afterwards and continue with the instructions.)

4. Right click on the device name and click "Update" by selecting local disk. Don't choose online because you'll just get a message telling you that your driver is up to date.

5. Choose MTP USB Driver.

6. Once the installation is complete, your device manager should show Nexus 5 instead of what you had before.
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