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This is the structure of Simple Ranorex project

In Login repository we can track the inputs on the page.

In Code Module we create instance of login repository, fill them up and navigate throgh the test

Test Suite contains test cases, there we have to add our exisitng test module to it, every test module can have only one databinding and test will run for rows you define.

Local varibles should be defined in the code module and they could bind to varibale in database.

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Here is a good example of publish subscribe design pattern in c#

Here you can read about Publish Subscribe design pattern

WCF has already some method to implement it

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To install TFS 2013 you need to install SQL server 2012 or 2014
Look at the requirement here

After installation you have to create new TeamProject

and choose a process template for that, Here is the default process template

To be able to customize a template you should be able to download the template, edit it and upload it

Modify or add custom work Item

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Comparing with selenium Ranorex is very much powerful but costly which start from 690€.
Selenium has a lot problem with browser compatibility and It doesnt work for example with Firefox versions.

Here is a tutorial about Testing web Service
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http://www.codecademy.com Free courses mostly about Web
http://www.pluralsight.com Minimum 29$/Month Microsoft products (Free trial) My recommendation
https://www.udacity.com Minimum 199$/Month Free trial Course materials are free
https://www.coursera.org Free courses From most universities in Many languages
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This is a tutorial to test webservice using Ranorex


To test following asp.net webservice can be used.


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To Generate Service proxy c# classes from WCF endpoint Run:

cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin>
svcutil net.tcp://endpoint.svc /out:c:\proxy

To create schema from service contract dll
Run visual studio command prompt as admin:
go to the output folder

Svcutil c:/ServiceContracts.dll /t:metadata

Schema (*.xsd) and (*.wsdl) are generated and then proxy classes can be generated using:
Svcutil *.wsdl *.xsd /language:C#